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 The eccentric needle bearing (Type:524806K)is the patent product of our Company,used in the hydraulic lifter of the four-pony-wheels tractor.The working principle of the former lifter is : using the ball bearing on the offset cam of Axle "1" to drive the plunger pump,so as to provide the motive power for the elevating of its hanging part. Because of the ball bearing's small load capacity,and the thin bearing ferrule wall,the early fatigue damage is easy to arise under the circumstances of the alternate radial load, theus if can not reach the frequency of the rating life,and influence the main engine's performance. As Axle "1" has an offset cam,its processing takes time and wastes materals. The utilization of the eccentric needle bearing has overcome the two above-mentioned abuses,integrated the offset cam and the bearing into an organic whole. In order to simplify Axle"1" structure,cancel its offset cam,the bearing's inner ring is designed with an offset structrue,the internal hole of its inner ring has a keyslot,connecting Axle"1" through the flat key;to raise the bearing's radial load capacity ,the rolling element is changed into the densely arranged needles; to increase its axial load capacity,and ensure its security and reliability,the couble washers and the double shield rings are designed.The bearing's boundary dimensions are maintained as the former space ones. Through such design and manufacture, the bearing's performance has been greatly hightened.
   Patent NO. 87201723.4
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